First 90 Beneficiaries of the HRP Project

The Housing Recovery Project (HRP) is pleased to announce that the First Beneficiary List has been published and can be viewed below.

Bắn cá miệngApplicants are advised that there will be additional beneficiary lists published at later dates. Persons included on the list will be given an official letter following the expiration of the required publication period of two weeks. The HRP will also be issuing official letters to all unsuccessful applicants as the lists are confirmed.

Bắn cá miệngThe HRP Project Implementation Unit wishes to thank all project participants and would like to congratulate the successful applicants thus far.

Name of Applicant Community
Albert Gallion Shawford
Adrien Lestrade Yampiece
Alex Elizee Bataka
Alfred Vigilant Belles
Allegra Frances Frederick Wesley
Andrew Francis Warner
Andrew Francis Benjamin Borne
Andrine Jennifer Joseph Marigot
Ann Richards Bataka
Anthony Burton Kalinago/Carib Teritory
Arkram Frederick Sineku
Bertrand St. Rose Yampiece
Carol Auguiste Rossi Kalinago/Carib Teritory
Catherine Isles Trafalgar
Cecil Michel Goodwill
Clarie Annie Williams Bataka
Cliff Brutus Richards Loubiere
Cosmas Drigo Castle Bruce
Craig Christian Bataka
Dalton Pierre Warner
Danny Scotland Castle Bruce
Darina Ambrose Yampiece
David Timothy Warner
Denis Dupigny Bataka
Diana Rowena Pascal Riviere Cyrique
Dorian Phillip Eustache Bataka
Durani Esprit Warner
Dyer Dunstan Wesley
Edison Sanford Bataka
Elisha Mitchel Morne Prosper
Ellerton Wilmoth Sabin Grange
Elvis Francis Bagatelle
Emmanuel Bully Yampiece
Ervin Luke Warner
Eugenia Durand Mahaut
Gilbert Robert Mahaut
Graveny Morancie Bellevue Chopin
Harrison Ellick Sineku
Henry Nathaniel James Dublanc
Hilroy Valmond Sineku
Irving Auguiste Concorde
Jamie Jeremy Burton Kalinago/Carib Teritory
Jeremiah Stevens Kings Hill
Jeremie Christophe Maxime Belles
Jonas Valmond Kalinago
Jones Tyson Bataka
Juliana Doreen Ashby Kings Hill
Keisha Melika Fountain Yampiece
Lester Afatan Charles Morne Prosper
Lewis Nelson Sineku
Lucille Sybil Jean Baptiste YAMPIECE
Luna Turney Kalinago
Malcolm David Sandy Tarish Pit
Marvlyn St Hilaire Bagatelle
Marvlyn Bernadine Brumant Yampiece
Micheal Gasper Castle Bruce
Moses Jno. Baptiste Fond Cole
Movin Anselm Bagatelle
Nicholas Esprit La Plaine
Peter Reginald Robert Granville Goodwill
Phillip Joseph Grandbay
Raphael Valmond Sineku
Romain Valmond Sineku
Rupert Francis Alexander Giraudel
Tardius Cuffy Sineku
William Paris Bataka
Williamson Raymond Prevost Chance
Jefferson Christopher Warrington Warner
John Philbert Labassaire Castle Bruce
Julius Nicholas Glanvillia
Junior Jamerson Joseph Marigot
Kendel Sylvester Woodford Hill
Kerly Warrington Bioche
Louisa Valmond Sineku
Makeba Laurent Layou
Marian Jno-Finn Castle Bruce
Matthew Augustin Burton Bataka
Matthew Viville Bataka
Paul Williams Bataka
Renold Prince Zicack
Rosabelle Vincie Laville Marigot
Rosilia Reverlyn Anthony Chance
Rupert St Jean Chance
Scott Telemaque Woodford Hill
Sheridon Erskine Burton Kalinago/Carib Teritory
Sylvain Dupigny Bataka
Ted Mitchel Morne Prosper
Vallie Mereen Hector Warner
Vincent Mingo Marigot
Wilson Jeremy Marigot

Bắn cá miệngPosted: 05/08/2020